Seating: 5 adults with lounge
Dimensions: 92″ x 92″ x 39″ / 234 x 234 x 99 cm
Water Capacity: 423 gallons / 1600 liters


“Click Change Cladding” allows easy future colour changes

72 Two-tone stainless steel jets

Two-tone air injector controllers

Lighted tranquility fountain
with a zen inspired cascading waterfall

LED deck control lighting with coordinated
exterior corner lights providing safety and ambiance

23 LED Glo-Jets for underwater illumination

8 Speaker Aqua-Coustic Audio System

Control My Spa Wi-Fi

Quad filter auto clean water management system

AquaNova Ozone/UV Sanitation System

5″ – 3″ Tapered thermal cover (Weathershield)

Status Pro: real time status of spa operation


User-friendly, Balboa Touchscreen Controls

Two 5.0SPL Dual Speed Jet Pumps
(Europe: Two 2.2Kw Dual Speed)

One Power Saver Pump

4kW Heating System (Europe: 3kW System)

120 Sq. Ft. Filtration System

AquaNova Ozone Sanitizer System


Indestructible Molded Polymer Base

Galvanized Steel Frame Support

Molded Polymer Cabinet with “Click Change Cladding”

GreenGuard certified ROCKWOOL Insulation

The ultimate in luxury, comfort and massage

Quickship Acrylic Colour

Sterling Marble

Custom Acrylic Colours

Midnight Canyon

Whispering Winds

Cladding Colours

“Click Change Cladding” allows easy future colour changes.

Driftwood Grey

Electric Blue

Hazelnut Brown

Charcoal Black

Feature Bonus

Zen inspired LED lighted tranquility
fountain with cascading waterfall


Zen inspired LED lighted tranquility fountain with cascading waterfall

Personalized Comfort and Style

The Ultimate U1 Spa offers enviable personalized features which include an ultra-comfortable zero gravity lounge seat, a 22-point controlled body therapy seat with dual pressure controls, a two-seat couples relaxation zone, and a shiatsu massage chair next to a lighted tranquility fountain with a Zen inspired cascading waterfall.

Ultimate Spa Seats


Ultimate Spa Seats
Zero Gravity Lounge Shiatsu Massage Chair 22-Point Controlled Body Therapy Seat Dual Height Couple’s Relaxation Zone Balboa Touchscreen topside controller Reflexology dome for a relaxing foot massage Water Feature

Zero Gravity Lounge

20 total jets providing 2-levels of massage pressure, neck-to-foot massage action. Includes 8 jets for upper, middle and lower back comfort along with 10 thigh and calf jets and 2 providing reflexology therapy to the bottom of your feet.
Includes 8 LED Glo-Jets

Shiatsu Massage Chair

11 total jets including 3 large jets tiered down the center of the back and 8 additional perimeter jets following the side contours of the back. Includes 3 LED Glo-Jets

22-Point Controlled Body Therapy Seat

With dual pressure controls, this seat lives up to its name providing 22 points of Therapy including 6 across the full back, 10 along the thighs and calves, then 2 armrest jets and 4 footplate jets delivering reflexology therapy to wrist or hands plus balls and heel of each foot. Includes 6 LED Glo-Jets.

Dual Height Couple’s Relaxation Zone

2 side by side seats set at 2 different heights providing 8 jets each for the back and directly across a multi-jet reflexology dome for a relaxing foot massage. Includes 6 total LED Glo-Jets

Balboa Touchscreen topside controller

The Ultimate U1 Spa delivers dependable performance managed by you through the Balboa Touchscreen topside controller or through the optional U1 convenient Wi-Fi app on your mobile device.

Reflexology dome for a relaxing foot massage

Directly across from the Couples Relaxation Zone are 3 jets placed along a convex dome providing steady pressure reflexology therapy for the bottom of your feet.

Water Feature

Zen Inspired LED lighted tranquility fountain with cascading waterfall

5 Point Energy Efficiency System

Download the App for Wi-Fi Control

The Balboa Water Group Control My Spa feature allows you access to your hot tub anywhere in the world where you have an internet connection to your mobile device. It provides a full interface control to set the temperature, turn pumps & lighting on and off, set filtration cycles and monitor your spa while you are away.

Filtration & Sanitation

Quad filter Auto Clean Water Management

Delivering consistent easy care and water management, the auto clean water management system combines filtration and a sanitization system resulting in a virtually self-cleaning spa. Filtration action through four proprietary filters, powered by the extremely energy efficient Power Saver single amp pump, is teamed up with the AquaNova Dual UV/Ozone Sanitizer System to ensure unwanted elements are removed and your water is kept clean and clear.

AquaNova Dual UV/Ozone Sanitizer System

Using the power of both ozone (O3) and UV-C technologies. AquaNova Sanitizer System creates ozone first which is then exposed to UV light. Once exposed to the UV light, the O3 is converted to hydrogen peroxide, which is further converted to hydroxyl radicals. As an oxidizer, hydroxyl radicals have been found to be more potent than hydrogen peroxide or ozone and much more powerful than chlorine/bromine.

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